YouTube Niche Ideas for Beginners in 2024

Finding YouTube niche ideas for your channel is a crucial part of starting a channel. Firstly, the niche is nothing but the topic of your channel.

Generally, choosing your channel’s niche will determine its growth and earnings. So, in this detailed article, I will help you choose the right niche for your YouTube channel (a complete beginner guide).

Firstly, I’m Balakumaran, and I have 8+ years of experience in the YouTubing field. In this blog, I’m sharing all my knowledge and tips on earning passive income from YouTube.

In this comprehensive YouTube Channel Niche Ideas guide, you will learn:

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Income Report
6 Best YouTube Niche Ideas
15+ Profitable Niches on YouTube in 2024

Income Report

As we were in 2024, choosing the correct audience for your channel is essential. Once you realize your audience’s pulse and needs, the YouTube money-making world is yours.

Be sure that you always stick to the topic. Subscribers come to your channel for the related videos you have already done. Not all subscribers are ready to watch whatever videos you are uploading. Therefore, publishing unrelated topic videos leads to cutting down your channel subscribers, and you will lose your target audience very soon.

Let me give you an excellent example of this scenario with a famous YouTuber – the Ryan Toys Review channel. Ryan is a 7-year-old kid doing toy reviews for other kids.

He has 31.2 million subscribers, and the niche of his channel is Toy’s Review, only Toy’s Review. According to Forbes, he has a revenue of $22 million from YouTube. His first step in this success must be choosing a particular niche on his channel.

Famous Creators niches on YouTube

Don’t do: If you have an idea of making random videos around different topics, kindly erase that idea from your mind. Because making random topic videos fails to attract the target audience, and in short days, you will lose confidence.

YouTube Niche Ideas: 6 Best Ideas in 2024

Ok, you are in the mindset of choosing the right niche for your channel. When the YouTube niche is perfect, it will automatically build channel growth, views, and subscribers in a short period.

youtube niche ideas

Therefore, the first and foremost step to being the most successful YouTuber in 2024 is to give more importance to the niche.

So, what is the right channel niche?

The following are the best ways to find YouTube channel niche ideas with the low competition. Alright, let’s dive into that.

1. Your Passion

You have your passion, right? You may be good at cricket, football, cooking, reviewing products, motivating others, etc. Choosing passion as the topic for your channel is the best part, and I recommend you do this.

Another notable feature is you have tons of content. It helps you to do more videos for your topic. Because you have enough knowledge, what is up’s and down on your passion. Moreover, this method will attract your target audience as soon.

You will soon be bored if the niche is unrelated to your passion. Suppose you have less confidence & knowledge about your passion means; try to analyze where you are lagging, learn from scratch, and then start making the videos.

2. Competition

There are millions of videos on YouTube related to your niche. YouTube is a big platform for YouTubers to make money online, but not for all. May be your YouTube search engine ranking is high if your video has enough stuff.

Competition is a little high on YouTube. Therefore, you must be confident and consistent with your channel. Analyzing your competitors is the best practice for building your channel. Always learning from your competitors will make you perfect.


In the meantime, I recommend you choose a medium competition topic on your channel.

Plenty of YouTubers lose their confidence because of their chosen high-competition niche. If you are a master in a particular niche with heavy competition in the market, then no worries about starting that top-competition niche. Otherwise, better go for the medium-competition niche if you lack confidence.

Try to find out low-competition niches for YouTube, if possible. However, one medium-competition video is always better than 10 high-competition videos.

How do you find YouTube Niches with low competition?

You may ask how to find my YouTube niche competition level and its monthly search volume. You will get the answer from the YouTube handy tool called TUBEBUDDY. TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified tool that reduces the work from YouTubers and helps increase the channel’s growth.

Tube Buddy Keyword Explorer

From TubeBuddy, you can find the search volume level of your niche, competitors’ keywords and growth, and many more things. Generally, the TubeBuddy tool has many features that solve most of the YouTuber’s trouble. If you have not heard of this golden tool, kindly check my post below.

Read here, if you want to install TubeBuddy on your channel, and also to install click the link below.

Install TubeBuddy

3. The Demand for Your Niche

Focusing on the demand ideas for your YouTube niche is an important place. In general, look at where your niche will be in 3-year from now.

Always choose a topic that will not expire in the future. For instance, selecting a technology channel is good, but doing outdated videos is useless.

For example, you have a tech channel about programming, and your videos are related to C and C++ languages. Consider I have a tech channel, and my videos are related to the Phyton language. Probably, my channel will grow faster than yours because of the topic you have chosen, which is outdated.

If you want to live a YouTuber’s life and earn more money, you need to consider the demand for your niche. At least choose the niche that will be in the working field for 4 to 5 years.

4. Your Experience

One significant difference between the right channel and a lousy channel is information.

Suppose your videos have more explanation about your niche. In that case, you will be considered more by the YouTube search engine and, in return, get more traffic.

So, you need to have excess information on your niche, which will come from experience.

Moreover, experience provides the ability to give your audience new ideas, tips, and problem-solving skills. If you are a newbie on YouTube, you have to concentrate more on your niche and learn new things to provide the correct information for your viewer’s subscribers.

Owning experience doesn’t come from one day’s work. You need to work hard and concentrate. Firstly, grab all your niche ideas, start your channel, build your brand audience, and then earn money.

Tip: First, “Learn,” then remove the L from it.

5. Resources

Resources are nothing but a team. Do you have enough resources to make the video?

Before selecting a niche, kindly decide that you alone will handle the entire process of the channel or that you have a team.

Ok, let me share a live example. Take a look at the Channel.

Cinecomnet YouTube channel team ideas

To my knowledge, they have a team of 10+ crew members to handle all the channel work. For example, the crew members plan video ideas, write scripts, make videos, handle cameras, edit, and do VFX things.

I love to watch all their videos because their outcome is tremendous.

Also, check out this Gillian Perkins video.

Gillian Perks Channel Ideas

She is an entrepreneur and handles all her digital platforms solely. I don’t think so; she has a big team to do all this.

So, there is a wide variety of opportunities on both sides. But before you start deciding on your niche ideas, consider the resources you have and act accordingly.

6. Budget & Time in YouTube Channel Ideas


Time is money. First of all, do you have enough time to make the videos?

Many YouTube content creators are part-time YouTubers (notable: they are successful YouTubers). Also, many of them are full-time YouTubers.

So, what are you?

Well, whatever, but how much dedicated time will you give your channel daily? Handling a YouTube channel is not like posting videos once a month based on leisure time.

YouTube algorithm requires consistent YouTubers. So, you have to allow your daily schedules with your channel. According to that, plan your channel niche.

For example, consider yourself a “Software Engineer” and plan to start a “travel channel.” Well, you’ve only a weekend to make videos hardly. Travel vlogging is not suitable for 9 – 6 job workers in such a situation.


A budget is essential for all beginner-level YouTubers. Read here if you’re not sure how much it will cost to create a YouTube channel.

I’m not demanding you put this much money into starting a channel here. I’m trying to say that based on your budget, decide your channel niche.

YouTube channel niche ideas are not like thinking about some topic and going with that. You’ve to remember all the points we discussed and choose wisely.

I would like to share some of the YouTube niches that are the best, most famous, and most profitable. Based on the competition, content creation, and ideas that you have, you can choose wisely anyone from the list.

Channel NicheRPM$/lakh views
Food Channel$2 to $10$1000
Travel$2 to $8$800
Technology$10 to $15$1500
Finance$5 to $20$2000
Motivational$1 to $4$400
Gaming$2 to $10$1000
Beauty Tips$3 to $12$1200
How To$1 to $8$800
Fitness$2 to $10$1000
Healthcare$2 to $11$1100
Meditation$1 to $6$600
Crypto$3 to $15$1500

From the above table, I mentioned the RPM value of the niches based on the current market. RPM is revenue per 1000 impressions. Therefore, with this data, you can earn in the range (mentioned: $/lakh views) per 1 Lakh views on your YouTube channel.

Best YouTube Niche for Beginners

Let me break out an explanation of the channels below:

  1. Food Channel: Famous among homemaker audiences and easy to start for homemakers.
  2. Travel: The traveling channel is outperforming now after multiple lockdowns. It’s the right time to target audiences with travel channels.
  3. Technology: Don’t hesitate to start if you’re strong in any technology niche.
  4. Finance: One of the profitable niches that requires many skills to cover the audiences.
  5. Fashion: Suitable for women who are trying to make money online. Many women scale their businesses from boutique to successful digital marketing through YouTube.
  6. Motivational: Are you a motivational speaker? This topic video is already filled a lot more on the YouTube database. However, it’s still giving space to new channels day by day.
  7. Gaming: I hope you heard about PewDiePie. Gaming is never getting old niche. Keep in mind that it’s one of the highly profitable niches.
  8. Beauty Tips: Helpful for ladies who have local parlours. Get ready to bring your business into a digital platform with the help of YouTube.
  9. How To’s: This is not really about a particular niche. You can pick your niche based on our discussed topic and make more How-to videos. It will make the channel unique.
  10. Fitness: This might be a good choice if you’re a sports or athletic person, talking about fitness.
  11. Health Care: Home-made remedies or tips for health care are the best YouTube niche categories.
  12. Product Review: Want to make money from Affiliate marketing? The product review is the best niche to try. FYI: Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to make more money on YouTube.
  13. Mom’s Channel: One more niche plan for women. Taking care of babies at home is a bit challenging task for moms. Moreover, this platform’s videos have increased consistently for the past 3+ years.
  14. Meditation Channel: Many creators asked me this question: “Should I start a meditation channel?”. The answer is “Yes.” But you must provide unique value to the viewers because the competition is a little high.
  15. Entertainment: With good resources, you can cover all the entertainment videos like Sports, Movies, and Live events.
  16. Cryptocurrency: Investing in crypto is still a big question for investors. YouTube is the place to solve doubts. I hope digital currency will rule the world in the coming future. Consequently, it’s among the best and most profitable YouTube niche ideas. Ensure that you’ve enough knowledge and experience before suggesting to your viewers.


I hope you understand the importance of YouTube niche ideas and how much potential you can earn before starting a channel. Keep the above points in mind. Bookmark this post on your device for further clarification.

Take Away: Create a niche with your style. The best topic will bring the audience. The audience will set your brand(channel) on high. And hence, the money will flow into your pocket.

In conclusion, it’s all directly proportional to the niche. Satisfying your audience is an investment for your channel. Invest more, earn more. Let me know in the comment section if you’ve further doubts. Also, follow & contact us on Instagram at any time.

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  1. Thank you for the information y ok uve shared, it makes me decide to pursue my longtime dreams and passion about shooting series episodic short film, both gospel and secular short films, I look up to your intuitive insights on these niche …
    Thank you …

  2. Thank you for this great article !
    I feel like I’m ready to start my YouTube journey ( for the 3rd time )
    My one and only problem has been finding the right niche and my procrastination .
    I am a chef so I would like to combine cooking with self development tips because I can’t sit in front of a camera without feeling awkward lol
    I really hope this works out because cooking videos need a lot of prep and organizing.
    And I can probably only post once a week even tho I know posting 2-3 times a week would be best to grow !

  3. Dear Balakumaran,
    i would like to thank you for the valuable information you shared with us. here are few questions i have for you
    the biggest problem i encountered is choosing the right niche for me.
    i am passionate about travel and fashion …. i think i have very presentable appearance too. but due to limited resources i am able to travel just in my country. since English is not my first language and i am not fluent speaker can i use my first language (local language) and be competitive YouTuber
    secondly my other interest area is cars…. and i guess it has low competition also …. but my knowledge about cars is very limited ….. should i learn along in the process and dive to this interesting niche idea?
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  4. I read a lot of blogs about Nish, in the meantime, your blog seemed very interesting. I can do graphic design and video editing. I want to work with video edit tutorials like Adobe Premiere Pro, kine master. What will be the success of this niche in 2021?. Already I haven’t had much success working in the top five, # Mind Warehouse. My channel URL: . Looking forward to your feedback. Please let me know if I work on YouTube at any time.

    1. Making tutorial kind of videos is a good platform to attack Tauhid. Especially Video editing tutorial means, there is a separate audience base for this. So go ahead…

      Focus more on video quality, new ideas, consistency, and SEO things. It will lift u to success.

      You are the boss of your YouTube channel and you can work at any time. But give the video to your audiences regularly(consistency).

    2. Mohamed kassim

      I want to start a niche about football but worried about copyrights so how can I download and start thanks

      1. You cant able simply download other videos and put them on yours… If you want to review it, give proper credits to the owners. Otherwise its deadlock

  5. This was so helpful for where I’m currently at with my channel. Thank you.

    I’ve had a YouTube channel for some months now and I have to work hard for every single view.
    I signed up to Tubebuddy a few days back and literally all my content ideas have poor SEO potential. This worries me, kinda makes me feel like there’s nothing new I can do in my niche. Also suspecting it’s why I have not been getting that many views.

    This is a stressful realization because I don’t think I have the resources for other niches. I chose this niche because it’s already a part of my life whether I film or not. It’s the sewing niche.

    1. Hey Stranger, why don’t you put all the efforts for few more months?

      YouTube is not a single day success. But it will give what u worked for one day.. So, don’t lose hope, get up, analysis where u make mistake and modify it.

      Failure knocks the door only when u give up. Remaining all are progress.

  6. My channel is not getting the traction I need! I even experimented with #shorts but none made it to the Shorts Shelf! Is it probably it’s taking much time to post between videos?!

  7. Hello! Congratulations on your blog. Very informative. I want to start youtube channel that talks about life as a foreigner. So it is not as specific as health or beauty. Do you think I could succeed with it?

  8. Hello
    I’m a Journalist It’s been about 50 days since I launched a YouTube channel called Celebrity News,
    I chose the topic according to my background and interest and made standard movies with all the hints about the stars, but now I can no longer subscribe or watch.
    My question to you is that if I want to work in the field of entertainment, what do you think I should do to not lose the competition and gain a lot of subscribers?
    Thank you for your help
    I also have an email:

    I will send the link of two of the videos for you to see, of course I hope you see my channel and make me happy

    YouTube video

  9. Hello,
    Thank you all the information you have provided on this post.
    I’m having a problem trying to find my niche on YouTube. I post about advice but I also wanted to do fun things like anime and some skits videos. I’ve already tired reaction videos and they are definitely not getting views. I feel like I’m all over the place but want to know what my true direction is.
    Thank you again for helping smaller youtubers see a light at the end of a long and dark tunnel.

    1. Thanks for the support. My recommendation is do what you’re loving… I have seen your videos. You’re making small, small mistakes for video SEO. If you change that, you may see good results. When it comes to niche, try to focus on a single niche. Don’t chase all the rabbits! Let me know if you’ve further doubts. I’m happy to solve your difficulties.

  10. Hello, thanks for your very insightful article.
    I’m starting a Youtube Channel that will focus on how to solve many different minor tech issues people face daily. Like how to use certain streaming softwares, how to integrate with other softwares, how to upgrade mac os o higher level on old mac computer etc, .
    Please advice me on how I can successfully talk about many run this channel and teach people many different tech hacks and solutions

    1. Hey Henry,

      It’s really a profitable and useful niche. I don’t know how you’re making the videos. But in terms of your niche, a presentation recording way approach will make a better impact. Feel free to contact us on Instagram for more enquires.

  11. HI i want to know that can i start a motivational channel but i am affraiding beacuse i listen that these type of vedios are getting demonetized. please answer

    1. Hi Ankit,

      I don’t know who told you about motivational videos getting demonetized. It’s not true. But approach a different format to make motivational videos. All the best in advance.

  12. Okay thanks
    Also ,if want to create a YTchannel based on film series under a group e.g arrowverse(with flash, supergirl etc),I.e posting clips on this different series,will it be okay?
    And do I need certification from their organisation or any organisation to start up thischannel

    thanks alot

    1. No need for any certification to start up the channel. But you may end up with a copyrights issue if you’re using someone’s content. My kind advice is to create your own content.

  13. thanks for the write up
    Lets say i want to create a YTchannel on sports niche, can I post different sporting activities on one YTchannel i.e post soccer today, post basketball next?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your articles are so interesting and you’re not hidden any secret. Your response also show that you care. I’ve read all comments on this page.
      Since I started my channel, I’ve not been getting much views and subs too and even I watched more of my videos. Motivating people has been my thing right from childhood. But my channel is totally lost in the motivational group. I also love health and relationship topic but I haven’t talked about those yet. Please, could you help me identify what I’ve been doing wrongly? This is my channel.

  14. Praveen Mukhiya

    Sir ,
    I m little confuse ..
    I have better knowledge about photo editing in smart phones ..i can edit any kind of photos in smartphone .. but acting is my passion. But i was thinking about to make a channel on facts ( like fact tech ) so, what should i do .?? Plzzzz tell me .. its a humble request you to reply me … Sir ..

    Note: sorry for my bad english ..

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Give more importance to your passion. Build better Knowledge on your passion 📍
      Feel free to contact if u have further doubts

  15. Thank you for the knowledge you are sharing. I intend creating videos on football highlights, please is that a good niche.

    1. Hey Clinton,

      Sports niches never let you down. However, find the competitor channel, analyze what the channel is missing and add some extra points in your channel. Let me know after you starting a channel.

  16. Hello ,

    Thank you for breaking this down. My Niche is Entrepreneurship & Mindset but i’m getting confused and don’t know how to go about it. This is a very competitive Niche and i don’t get any Views, whats your advise

    1. Many thanks for commenting.
      Competition is around every topic yah… What difference you’re giving among others, breaks the competition barrier.

      May I know you started a channel or going to start? Do you have enough content information about this niche to provide information?

  17. Hey dear,
    I make videos on social issue which are going on around us. For ex-reality of women’s day, boys lockeroom etc
    So what should be my niche

    And more over i have uploaded 7 video and got 140 subscribers is this good or have to work hard more

    Problem is that i am skinny boy and people they don’t want to hear knowledgeable things from a person who’s personality is not dominant so can suggest me something
    This Link is to my channel can you please review it

    1. I reviewed your channel, Bikash. It’s really good. 140 subscribers are decent count in 3 months’ time. People really need entertainment or useful content, so don’t think about the personality bro. Here, you’re doing great and good to go. To improve video traffic things, kindly concentrate more on video SEO. Feel free to contact me if you’ve further doubts.

    2. Hi, i just read the article and it was really informative, thank you for that!
      So i have been thinking a while now about starting a youtube channel. I am a big sports fan especially europan football.The thing is i dont know how profitable this niche would be and also find it hard to think of something innovative regarding this topic.
      Can you please give some info relating this topic
      Thank you!

      1. Hey Adnan, Thank you for your appreciation. The first thing I recommend you to do is start a channel and face the hurdles..

        Every niche is profitable once you use it in the right way. For the sports channel, you can earn more from Affiliate marketing(amazon affiliate).

        Make videos daily and grab the audience in an initial stage.. I hope this reply helps you.. Feel free to ask any doubts..

  18. Is it ok to start a tech YouTube unboxing channel in 2020

    And can you also create multiple channels of different niches
    It will be very helpful if you reply

    1. Thank u for commenting rohit.

      Yes you can create multiple channels of different niches, but the question is, will you manage it all ?

      May i know what kind of tech unboxing channel?? Kindly elaborate it Rohit

      1. Mainly unboxing of new gadgets and mobile,laptops, and other technology products related to it

        Will creating of multiple channels of different niche will affect my others channels also?

        1. 1. Yes, that’s a great and profitable niche bro… But you need to have a lot of Investment.(for investment queries, kindly contact us on Instagram)

          2. No, it won’t affect any other channels. You’re good to go!

  19. Vishal Kingrani

    Hey, is the fashion Grooming channel has a lot of compietion nowadays, i want to start but i think there is lot of compietion pls help me. How to find i am so much confused.

    1. The fashion niche is very grateful Vishal. Analyze the competitor channel and find what is missing in that, then add it to your channel.

  20. Hi, I intend starting my YouTube channel. But I have few concerns;

    1. My interest/ niche falls under Beauty, DIYs, Food How To’s and lifestyle. But it looks to me like am jack of all trades lol. I don’t know, writing all these in my intro, aren’t they too much? Or should I just pick 2 or 3 inches.

    2. I really do not have camera now, can I start with my Samsung A50 and my iphone 10?

    3. What editing apps do you recommend?

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      1. Yes, it’s too much.. Audience will confuse.. So, pick any one.. If you have confusion to choose the best one from the list, just write down all the topic comes to your mind on each nice.. And finally choose the niche which you have more topic.

      2. Camera is needed, but iphone is good. Spending too much money initially will get more pressure on you. So, firstly stand on field, then score it.

      3. Movavi editor, which is basic level software.. Moreover, inexpensive.. (lifetime package)

      Feel free to contact me any further doubts 📍

  21. sir i want to know that if i start “a biography of particular people” on my channel
    is that a profitable niche or not ?
    and also where from i research for topic?

    1. Yes, that’s a good plan of attack. You can search a tons of topics in Wikipedia(trustable website to get the topic information). When it comes to profitable or not, your niche will get more affiliate sales (Ebooks of specific persons) if you promote it properly. I hope, it’s a profitable niche.

  22. hello sir i want to create a whiteboard animation youtube channel. which is the best topic for me that i make on it?

    1. Hi,

      Choose the topic which you’re passionate about it. Maybe you’re good at reading, particular sports, or Gaming. But the baseline is, at least you have some knowledge in it to provide useful information to the audiences. Anyhow, I listed out some of the profitable niches in that post. Kindly read that.

      Moreover, you have chosen the whiteboard animation platform for making videos. That’s a great idea!!! Let me know when you’re going to start the channel. I’m eagerly waiting to see it.

  23. Hello really appreciate that you are replying to all the comments.I wanted to ask you about YouTube that I am interested in wildlife and different animal behaviours as well as I am good in biology.But I am not that confident in making a biology tutorial videos..I am not sure that I can teach others that nicely.I want to start a YouTube video related to wildlifes but I am really confused that what kind of videos I should make related to wildlife.

    1. Hi Mansi,

      That’s really different and unique niche. You can make an explainer video in front of the camera. Peoples love to watch interesting things.
      For example, “What skills lion using to escapes from elephants ” like this kind of unexplored videos.

      In case, you feel shy and not comfortable to showcase yourself in front of the camera, then try to make animation explainer videos. (Note: No need any technical animation skills to make videos. It’s just dragging and drop things). This is the only best alternative for your niche.

      Feel free to contact any more doubts. All the best.

      1. Thank you so so so soooo much for your have actually helped me a lot with your idea..but can you please explain a bit that how can I make those animation explainer video,just a bit and then I will learn it myself.And again Thank you so much

        1. For more animation video detailed information, kindly read the below post

          Doodly Review

          For any doubts, Feel free to contact us. Stranger Show is always here to help beginner level YouTuber’s

  24. Its allllllllllll bundles of thanks for your great guide.

    Now I understand your words as ” maybe you will manually be caught by the actual content owner “.

    Thanks thanks thanks.

    Hates off

    Please count me your student and I would like to engage with you as when ever you have something new I want to be update with them.

    Allow me. Thanks Again


    1. Thank you for your support… Always here to support. Feel free to contact at any time.

      For the future update, Stick with and our Social media profiles. All the best.

      First, learn YouTubing, then Earn.

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for your tutorials. I read and liked them.
    I have a hurdle in my way thats y want to share with u to have a solution with professional mind.
    As I am a informative and innovative dig deep boy. I can everything with the help of Allah. But right now I made a Motivational channel and what thing am feeling wrong is motivational speech. I mean i am geeting motivational speech and rest is all mine.
    So can u tell me that is there any copyrigt issue if i use motivation speech of someone ?
    And secondly if its issue what would u recommend me to do that.
    Actually i am interested in that niche thats y i want to fight with problem until succeed.


    1. It’s a good question, Saad.

      I saw your Channel (Motivational Play), which is nice, however, it’s not set up properly. I recommend you to rehash the motivational speech which you get from someone.
      And don’t use copyrights image and videos. (Try to get royalty-free image from or and videos from

      Using someone’s content may cause you copyright infringement, So modify and rehash the content instead of using the same words. Also, try to add your valuable contents. As you said, you’re an innovative boy, then you can get that easily. All the best for your channel.

      Feel free to ask, if your doubts not cleared.

      1. Greetings !

        Thanks for your quick response. I thought i did not get your response but that was email that i had to see,. so i got your valuable words,

        FIRSTLY, What i got from your words is:

        1- modify and rehash the content instead of using the same words.
        you mean as an innovative boy, i get that someone speech and modify that just to make that copyright issueless- right? ***

        SECONDLY, I am a FULL STACK WEB DEVELOPER as well and with all that skills i am able to get PAID STOCK IMAGES as Well. so i am using paid images and YOUTUBE LIBRARY MUSIC. so images, music & video or whatever there is NO ISSUE FOR ME.

        THIRDLY, can you tell me about things that help me in voice over- free and paid- both? ***

        FOURTHLY, I tested my 2 videos for copyright strike while uploading and setting them unlisted so in response youtube did not show any strike so for my confidence its better to modify the content or should i go with same strategy first unlist the video and test it for strike as youtube algorithm detects promptly to copyright content with content id. ??? ***

        NOTE: *** means most important question to answer


        1. Welcome, Saad…

          1. You got my first point… It’s right.

          2. Paid Stock images are more welcome…That’s good.

          3. You mean, you’re asking for voice recorder device (MIC) or voice modifier? I can’t get you… (Kindly elaborate it)

          4. Even your unlisted videos will get strikes, YouTube takes it as count. I’m sure that your tested 2 videos are free from copyrights issue. However, you want to follow your strategies, then you can… But YouTube considers unlisted strikes count also. (3 strikes lead your channel to vanish from YouTube)

          Tips: I hope you’re serious about YouTubing… So, if you’ve not installed YouTube helper, channel management, and YouTube certified tool called TubeBuddy, kindly install it on your device.

          1. Thanks again,

            Voice over means text to speech, I just put my text into software and a man or girl that i will select speech that content in motivational accent. I meant that in point 3.

            And yes, 2 video that was first unlisted for few hours, now publicly on and still there is no copyright strike as i told you i used motivational speech same as it is as in original speech and i just change its music and background video and everything. just i used speech in same man voice.
            so no strike.


          2. 1. Use Text2VoiceOver software, which is freemium tool(has both Free and Premium version).

            2. As I said before, to stay far away from copyrights issue, try to rehash the content and use it on your own. If YouTube’s algorithm can’t find any copyrights infringement, maybe you will manually be caught by the actual content owner. So, get the content, modify it, convert it to voiceover, add your own videos/images, music and then finally hit the Publish button.

            Hope I clarified you… Feel free to contact me for further doubts.

  26. Hi,i have started a youtube channel and my niche is tiktok. i made compilations of tiktok and i just applied to monetized my account. Somehow,few days ago i read somewhere that tiktok compilation video account cant be apply to monetized. May i know if its true?

    1. Hai Hani,

      You may be stuck in between the sea situation. Tiktok video claims copyrights for the background music, but sometimes not for videos. So, it’s all up to how you’re making your compilation video. If you got copyrights strikes, you can’t able to monetize it.

      Kindly wait for the monetization approval. Moreover, if it’s not favoured to you, then you should create a backup channel with different niche to make out the money. Otherwise, try affiliate marketing with this same channel. Kindly let me know your decision, stranger. I’m here to help you.

  27. Well, it’s a great question, Ahmed… First of all, let me clear you that, both the niche (food and travel) have great scope. It’s a matter of how you’re using it. I suggest you make a video with the main theme of Food (your salt product), and video startup with a particular location. Hence, your niche is food, but you can talk about the locations also(not much deeper) if you wish. Feel free to contact me if you’ve further doubts. Moreover, don’t forget to watch this below step-by-step guide to start a YouTube channel. How to Start a YouTube Channel in 2020? A Step-by-step guide

    1. Sadiya Shaikh

      Im new to this field i want to start my channel and i want some ideas im intrested in traveling and im having my shop of ladies dress materials in which categories should i work more and willbe more suitable for meplz help

      1. Both are good to go… If you travel more and make your own videos means, then try that one. If not, then try your shop as your main channel theme. But the notable thing is, both are profitable niches… Let me know if you have further doubts.

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