When Is the Best Time to Post YouTube videos?

  • Time is Money! – Once a wise man told that.

That’s true when it comes to posting videos on YouTube. Most of the YouTube content creators asked this question, “When is the best time to post YouTube videos to maximize the views and traffic?”.

We will explore and find the result in this post with little more detail.

Best time to post video on YouTube

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First of all, as a content creator, creating quality content with the best editing software, tools, and the team is so difficult to do.

However, once achieved that, grabbing the audience to watch is another mountain to climb.

But with the help of video SEO things, we can do that by proper and straightforward way to rank the videos on YouTube search. If you’re not aware of video SEO, then read here.

Like Video SEO, you need to find the best time to publish or post videos for your channel. It depends on each channel based on its niche and target audience location. (Let’s discuss deeply below)

With all this information, I’m going to figure out the best time to post YouTube videos with the help of YouTube Analytics.

How to Find the Best Time to Post Videos on YouTube

The best way to find the ideal time to publish the video on YouTube is by monitoring YouTube Analytics.

Well, let me guide you step-by-step.

First of all, go to YouTube studio by clicking here.

YouTube studio dashboard

Now move on to the analytics tab or by click here.

YouTube Analytics page

Once you reach the analytics tab, switch over to the “Audience” tab. Refer to the below image.

Audience tab on YouTube analytics

Scroll down, and here you’ll find the viewers interacting time with your video or channel.

Best time to publish video on YouTube

See, the above picture represents my channel viewer interaction time. 

The dark purple color replicates the most engaged users on my video at a particular time.

The light and low-shaded color define the less engaged users on my video.

So, this analytics describes to me when is the best time to post the video on YouTube on a particular day.

Have you noticed in the image that I have marked the “Question mark”?

This suggestion is from the YouTube optimization tool called TubeBuddy. It helps to express the result more accurately and clearly.

Time to publish video recommendation by TubeBuddy

See, what it defines for my video is the best time to post or upload video on Friday at 6:00 PM (IST) is the most suitable time.

Also, it reports the daily recommendation time. So, I can go with this suggestion for my upcoming videos to publish.

Note: You are not able to see this recommendation if you’ve not installed TubeBuddy. It’s a free browser extension tool. If you want, click here and install it.

Finally, we have found a time that works for our video. It’s time to do some more math before go LIVE.

Best Time to Post Video on YouTube: Tips and Tricks

As of now, we have the time that most of the viewers can interact with our video.

For the sake of this post, let’s assume the best time to post a YouTube video is: Friday, 6:00 PM.

Let’s see some of the tips,

  • Publish Before 2 hours

When you upload and publish the video on YouTube, the algorithm take some time to index the video. It might take 2 minutes or 20 minutes. We are not sure of that.

So, we need to give some time for YouTube AI to crawl and index the video. Hence, it’s always a best practice to upload the video before 2 hours of peak time.

For example, my recommendation and peak time is 6:00 PM, but I will upload it at 4:00 PM.

  • Analyze Audience Location

You need to monitor from where (location) you’re getting most of your viewers.

For example, check out my audience analytics location,

Analytics geography location

Most of my viewers and views are from India. Hence I will follow the Indian Standard Time to publish the video on YouTube.

The target audience for most of the creators is from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. So, according to that, schedule your video.

  • Check RealTime Activity

When you head over to the Analytics Overview page, you’ll find out the real-time channel views and subscribers count.

Use that data and constantly monitor that for the next two weeks. The older your channel gets, the more information you can able to see and adjust.

In a case recently you’ve started a YouTube channel or hereafter only going to start means, ignore all these graphs and analytics.

Firstly, focus on creating quality content consistently. Then monitor the analytics and improve it.

How Often Should I Publish Videos on YouTube

If you want to know more about how often I should publish the videos on YouTube (like one video/day) means, then read on.

When you ask this question, let me guess what answer you’ll get.

  • Answer 1: Go with Daily Upload. One video per day improves your ranking position and views.
  • Answer 2: Upload 3 to 5 videos per week.
  • Answer 3: One video per week.

There might be an infinite answer you’ll get. But you know what is the real solution for this,

  • Consistency

Yes, how long you are in the game is the matter instead of how many games you’re playing.

For example, take a real-life example of Cristiano Ronaldo or Virat Kholi. As of now, they are top in their field because of their long run and consistency.

You can take (1-video / day, or 3-videos/week, 1-video/week) any blueprint model for your channel.

But be consistent with that for the next 3+ years. That’s what the YouTube algorithm expects from creators. The longer you stay, the more you’ll earn.

FAQ’s of the Best time to publish video on YouTube

1) What time should I post on YouTube?

There is no constant time for that. It varies based on channel niche and audiences location. So, check out your analytics and go with that.

2) Best time to post on YouTube in India?

Nowadays, the Internet booming is everywhere. So, first of all, go to your channel geographic analytics and see how many Indian audiences you’re getting. And then, head over to viewers’ engagement time to figure out the perfect time to publish a video on YouTube to cover Indian audiences.

3) How do I promote my YouTube channel?

Once you upload the video, it’s time to promote it. Yes, you’re the marketing manager for your channel. 

You can use a wide variety of social media platforms to promote the channel. However, my favorite and recommended network to promote is from the Pinterest platform.

I hope this article helps to figure out the best time to post YouTube videos. If you’ve any concerns and doubts, feel free to contact me in the comment section.

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