5 Steps to becoming Gaming YouTuber: Getting Paid While Playing

Do you wish to start a gaming YouTube channel and get paid?

To be frank, you’re not alone, even I wish to do that. But how to make that happen in the right way? That’s all you’ll learn from this post.

Start a Gaming YouTube channel

Pewdiepie, a famous gaming YouTuber made $8 million in monthly revenue. In addition to that, he crossed 100M subscribers, and YouTube pays a tribute to him.

It means the gaming world is beyond what we’re thinking. The video game industry already crossed over 70+ billion in 2017, and peoples surprised to watch that it will increase up to 90+ billion in 2020.

It clearly defines, choosing the game as the main niche on YouTube is profitable. But it won’t alone make you wealthy. For example, every minute 100+ hours of gaming video content uploading on YouTube. So, if you’re planning to start a gaming channel and publishing random gaming videos leads to channel dead.

Therefore, to avoid all these collateral damages, we bring you these 5 tips to become a professional gaming YouTuber to make decent money from it. Without wasting further time, let’s get into the business.

#Tip 1: Find the Proper Gaming Niche

First of all, the niche is the topic of the channel. When it comes to YouTubing, you’ve already chosen the gaming as the main theme. But there is one more thing you need to choose, which is very important.

It’s none other than, how you’re producing, and the type of gaming video you’re making to the audiences. Let’s discuss below that deeply, but before that keep in mind, the video you’re making shouldn’t bore the audiences.

Because peoples will easily get off from the video if they feel a waste of time. Hence, whatever type of video you’re making, do it with full of your interest and reveal more surprises in it.

Let’s get into the business. What type (niche) of gaming video you wish to make?

Tutorial Gaming Video

The name defines. Take one game as the main theme and make tutorial videos of it from the scratch. For instance, how to break this stage, how to get a lifesaver option, and many more things.

YouTube video

Game Review

As I said earlier, the gaming world is much more beyond what we’re thinking. So, when the new game arrives or the person likes to play the game newly, they may analyze the review of that game on YouTube.

In a nutshell, just make a game review videos. But, the review must cover all the pros, cons, pricing, and PC capacity to play the games. From my point of view, making a review of the game helps to get more affiliate sales and increase your revenue. If you’re not aware of affiliate marketing, then you’ll get every information from there.

YouTube video

Live Play

Recording games while you’re playing. The key point of this Live stream play is, there is no need for much post-production editing works. Moreover, this type of video approach engages more audiences. For the reference, check out the below video.

YouTube video

That’s all about the gaming channel niche selection. If you want to be a successful YouTuber, then read the below bonus tip.

Bonus Tip: Choose any one type of gaming video and follow the same through the entire channel. Don’t try everything.

#Tip 2: Find Single Game

Playing random games and posting on YouTube is ok? But, it’s not the correct way to get more subscribers and audience attention.

Hence, the solution is, pick one game as the main theme game of your channel, and do the videos. Well, you may ask, so I don’t want to post any other games on my channel?

Literally, I’m not mean that. For example, if the channel has 20 videos means, 10+ videos should be the main theme game, and the remaining numbers maybe the rest of it.

So, when you did like that, the channel has every single step of the game (The powerhouse of the game).

#Tip 3: Choose the Needed Tool

One of the downsides of starting a gaming YouTube channel is cost. Really, you can’t predict how much it’ll cost to make the gaming video. But I’m assured that it’ll be cover within your budget if you’ve chosen the correct tools.

So, the question is, which tools should I choose?

  • First of all, for a gaming YouTuber, there is no need for any camera to make. All you do is recording the screen/monitor. So, select the wise screen recorder. When you ask me, I would suggest the Camtasia-screen recorder. It’s a high-performance recorder tool with editing features.
  • In the meantime, you need a camera to give any intro video for yourself means, get the camera under $100.
  • Choose the best high-quality microphone. When it comes to audio quality, people understand more information. So, get the noisy reduction mic. FYI: kindly find the best microphone list.
  • Once you have done all the video things, it’s time to focus on the SEO area. Video SEO decides the video ranking, views, and revenue. In the market, the best YouTube SEO and management tool for YouTubers is TubeBuddy. It’s trusted by more than 3Million customers.

#Tip 4: Promote the Channel

Once you upload the video with all your effort, it’s time to market it. To be frank, you’re the marketing manager of your channel.

Create a separate social media account for your channel and start sharing every single video to it. It may not bring you millions of views, but it may help to start the success path.

In an organic way to promote and improve the channel growth, focus more on Video SEO and for non-organic way focus more on social media platforms.

#Tip 5: Make Money from AM

AM is nothing but Affiliate Marketing. Most of them, thinking that people earn money from YouTube AdSense alone, but it’s not entirely true. There are a lot of ways to earn money from YouTube and one of the lucrative ways is Affiliate marketing.

Let me explain the simple workflow here,

Consider, you’re reviewing a particular game on your channel and the game costs $100. Once you sign up for the particular game affiliate program, they will give you a unique affiliate link.

So, you can share those links on your video description. If the person clicks that and makes purchase means, you’ll get a certain amount as commission. For instance, consider the commission percentage is 30%, and henceforth, you’ll get $30 as your commission.

Affiliate marketing is an emerging business and many of them are successful in it. So, playing games not only give you happiness, but it also gives you revenue.

Some of the high paying gaming affiliate programs


I hope you’ve learned something useful from this post. Never late than before. For starting the gaming YouTube channel with step-by-step guide information, read the below article. If you’re interested in the gaming section, then you’re welcome here.

Will see you in the next post, share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

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