YouTube Video Tags to Get More Views in 2024

YouTube Video Tags for getting more views play a major role on YouTube. If you’re a YouTuber and want to know how to properly use video tags, then you’re in the right place.

Have you ever thought about “how the videos are ranking?” and “how to get more views on YouTube”?

I’m sure you did.

If you’re not aware of it and how to use video tags to get more views, then we will guide you clearly in this article.

Tips and Tricks to use YouTube video tags

Firstly, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, next to Google. Nearly 5 billion videos are watched on it every day. Accordingly, it handles large amounts of data on its database to provide the best value for audiences.

YouTube Statistics boost to get more views on videos

So, to handle all this vast data, YouTube planned to program the algorithm to find the best videos based on the user search query.

That’s where “YouTube Tags” knock on the door.

The YouTube algorithm puts more weight on video tags for views and ranks the videos. In a nutshell, if you want more views, revenue, and rank the video/channel, then you’ve to optimize the video tags a little more.

Okay, In this detailed tutorial, we’ll see…

  • What are YouTube video Tags?
  • How to use tags to get more views?
  • How do you find competitors’ used keywords (Tags)?
  • Tools to find high search volume YouTube tags (Tricks).

Well, without further ado, let’s get into the topic.

What Are YouTube Tags?

YouTube tags are part of the meta information of the video, where you can write the words and phrases (generally, call them keywords) related to that video. It helps YouTube SEO/algorithm find what your videos are about and who your target audience is.

YouTube Tags

For example, consider you are making a video on “how to add two numbers.” So, what keywords are you going to write in tags?

Let me say the few tags are “addition calculation,” “addition two numbers,” “sum of two digits,” and many more related to the video.

So, when a person types the keyword “addition two numbers” on a YouTube search, the YouTube engine crawls, finds, and brings your video to the person.

That’s why tags are appraised as an essential ranking factor.

I hope you understand the importance of video tags. So, now, let’s see how to use them.

How to Use YouTube Tags To Get More Views?

Let’s discuss some of the best points to take care of before using video tags:

Generally, “YouTube allows only 500 characters” on the tag. So, we are pushed to use the keywords effectively.

Also, use high search volume and low competition keywords on video tags.

  • Search Volume = the number of times the keyword is searched by audiences on YouTube monthly.

Well, The real question here is,

  • How can I get high search volume keywords?

The answer is, there are many keyword finder tools available on the internet to get it. We will discuss that briefly in the below paragraphs.

Before that, let me describe the best ways to use YouTube video tags. These tips and tricks are proven in 2024, and I’m sure they will increase your ranking position.

Particular Tags

A particular tag is a one-word keyword that describes the video in a single word. It should be specific to the content. Add at least 4 to 5 specific keyword tags.

Specific Keyword Tags

For example, my video is about “Fish Cutting Skills.” Therefore, I’m using the above specific tag keywords (refer to the above image).

Particular Tags Example: fish, fry, cutting, and so on…

Focus on the First Tag

YouTube algorithm ZOOM IN (200%) of what you use in the first tag. The first tag should be more specific to your video.

In the meantime, use your target keyword in the first tag.

Let’s see one example.

Here, I’m searching the phrase “Mars in 4k,’ and the resultant video’s first tag is the same as what I searched.

What to use the first tag in YouTube video tags for more views

Long Tail Tags

Multiple words that describe the video are called Long Tail Tag. YouTube algorithm loves long-tail keywords.

If a person types long words in the search box, it means they give more information to the YouTube algorithm. In such a case, if your video has long-tail keyword tags, then it can be easily picked out by YouTube.

A study from BRIGGSBY states that 200 – 300 characters (in other words, 2 – 3 words) are the best tag length for getting more views on YouTube.

Long tail keyword YouTube video tags for better performance

In the meantime, using the same length for every tag is not mandatory or compulsory. It differs based on video category, exposure, competition, and search volume. However, you can try this strategy on your video.

Also, avoid using conjunction and stop words.

  • Conjunction words are — and, or, but.
  • Stop words are — the, a, an, in.

As I mentioned earlier, it allows 500 characters only; therefore, avoid these useless words and use more effective keywords.

Long tail Keyword tags

Take a look at the above image of how to use long-tail keywords.

Use Generic YouTube Tags

General words that describe the video are called Generic tags.

For example, let’s say the video is related to a prank, solution kind, funny, or whatever. Hence, here, mention the category of your video.

Generic YouTube Tags

For my cooking video, I use a few “Generic tags,” which are “cooking videos, how-to, cutting skills, knife handling skills.”

The above points are reliable ways to split and use the keywords. For your next video, apply these techniques, and you will see better results, definitely. Also, I recommend you bookmark this post or take notes to avoid forgetting the discussed points.

Additionally, you must implement one more trick, which is, “finding & using the competitor used keywords” on YouTube tags. Let’s see below how to do that.

How to Use Competitor-Used Keyword Tags?

To be frank, one of the best ways to increase the ranking and revenue of the channel is by monitoring your competitor’s channel.

More specifically, how your competitor approaches their audiences, the way of video style, keywords used places, and many more.

I know what you’re thinking, “how do I find my competitor used keywords?” right?

There are two ways to find it.

  1. Using View Page Source.
  2. I am using the free TubeBuddy Tool (Easy way).

View Page Source

If you are familiar with HTML things, then read on. Otherwise, skip this point and move on to the next one. Firstly, go to the particular video and right-click. There, you have seen View Page Source.

Keyword tags Finding by using View Page Source

Click “View page source,” and then you will be redirected to the HTML tab (another Chrome tab).

Here click (Ctrl +F) and search “keyword.” Now you get the data, which starts and ends with open and close brackets ([……]).

Keyword Finder using View Page Source

These are the keywords used in the video, and a comma separates them. I know it’s tough to find. In such a case, use the below easy way.

Using TubeBuddy [Free]

The simplest way to find the competitor used keywords in a few seconds was by the YouTube-handy tool called TubeBuddy.

I hope there is no need for any intro to this tool if you are a Pro-YouTuber. In a short introduction, TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified browser extension, a channel management tool that helps increase your channel’s rank and revenue.

Firstly, to install this tool on your browser, click the below button,

Once you install it on your browser, play your competitor’s video, and eventually, you will find the competitor’s video details on the right side (check out the image below).

TubeBuddy Video Analytics

That’s said. It automatically brings the competitor-used video tags whenever the video plays.

Additionally, the option is “Copy Tags” at the bottom right corner to copy all the keywords (check the image below).

TubeBuddy Competitor Tags Finder

Remember, Don’t copy all the competitor tags and paste them on your video. This is just for your reference. Use it accordingly.

Refer to the below video:

YouTube video

Tags Finder Tools

How do you find the best YouTube tags to get more organic views? Isn’t it, right?

There are many intelligent tools to find and simplify the work. Below are a few keyword finder tools that play a significant role in deciding your channel/video views.

A few of the best YouTube keyword tag generator tools are (in order of ranking position)

  • TubeBuddy
  • VidIQ
  • Keyword Tool
  • Ahref’s Keyword Explorer


TubeBuddy is an all-in-all YouTube helper tool. It is my all-time favorite tool, as well as you can’t see a single successful YouTuber without this tool.

TubeBuddy chrome extension banner ad

OK, wait! What is the specialty of this tool?

Well, here I list out the few features of it,

  • Keyword Explorer – Helps to find target keyword (Useful: YouTube video tags for more views)
  • Auto Translator
  • Video SEO Studio
  • Analyze the Best Time to Publish
  • Publish to Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Finding search position

Once again, I’m saying these are the few features mentioned. Furthermore, for all info, you can read the complete TubeBuddy review here.

Keyword Explorer YouTube video tags

On top of that, I got 50,000 views a few days after installing TubeBuddy.

Pricing: $4.5/month (Without 50% Discount)


VidIQ is another excellent keyword finder tool. It is also available in the browser extension mode. It shows the monthly search volume, search score, competition score, overall score, and the number of words of each keyword, competition, and much more information.

VidIq keyword research tool

Pricing: $7.50/month (click here to buy)

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool finds the most popular YouTube keyword tags, whereas it shows trending, search volume, CPC, and competition data. Also, you can search the keywords based on your target location, but the downside is this tool is a bit expensive.

Keyword tool For Youtube

Pricing: $199/month (click here to buy)

Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahref’s is one of the favorite and famous tools among bloggers. However, in recent times, it’s useful for vloggers, too.

Ahref's Keyword Explorer

Visit Ahref’s, then change the search engine option to YouTube, and type the query you want. It’ll show the estimated monthly search volume.

Pricing: $99/month

Add Channel Tags on YouTube

How do you add channel tags on YouTube?

Not only on each video, but you can also add tags on the channel (global-wise). Effectively, adding channel tags tells the YouTube algorithm that the channel niche is related to this topic.

For example, take a look at the below image.

Channel keywords

Here, I used the tags related to my channel niche. This technique will help you to get videos with better ranking.

Ok, let me explain how to add channel tags on YouTube. Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.
  2. Click the “Setting” tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Once a dialog appears, select the “Channel” tab.
  4. Under the “Basic Info” tab, add channel keyword tags.

According to the ahrefs report, YouTube has the highest searched keyword tags.

#KeywordSearch Volume
5old town road2,501,430


1) What are Keywords on YouTube?

Keywords are words and phrases that are used to describe your video in one or two words. Therefore, YouTube can find what kind of content you are making and who your target audience is.

2) How many tags should a YouTube video have?

YouTube allows you to add 500 characters in the tag section. You are welcome to add as many tags as possible within the 500 characters.

3) List out a Few YouTube Tag Generator Tools.

> TubeBuddy is the best YouTube keyword finder tool in the market.
> VidIQ
> Keyword Tool


As a result, you understand the importance and usage of the video keyword tags on YouTube. I highly recommend you give more attention to the YouTube tags for more views.

A formula works here,

  • Proper tags ∝ Organic views ∝ Better revenue.

If you have any further doubts, feel free to contact me in the comment section. I usually read and reply to all the comments. By the way, follow us on Instagram for more YouTubing tips.

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8 thoughts on “YouTube Video Tags to Get More Views in 2024”

  1. Sabrina Campbell

    I am a new garden channel, I use tags that the big channels do. they all start with gardening so I did. youtube didn’t list it. sometimes they just list related or recently uploaded. not sure why they don’t use mine.
    so then I used a tag generator and still the same.
    help please

    1. Hai Sabrina,

      May I know, how old is your channel? How long have you been Youtubing? and How consistent you’re?

      YouTube considers a lot of algorithms ranking signal, and of the main is “keywords using in tags”. I don’t know how you’re approaching your keywords. Kindly reply your email Id, hence we’ll audit your YouTube channel and let you know the solution.

    1. Thanks brother. I just installed the extension on my chrome browser successfully, but I can’t find “Videolytics” on the extension when I search for it. I could see only “Keyword Explorer” but I can’t see “Videolytics”. Even on the App I can’t find “Videolytics”. Please brother how do I get this? Thank you!

      1. When you play the any youtube video (on on browser, the videolytics will show on the right side of it. From App, you can’t get it.

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